Hello, comrades.

You have arrived at a historical/political blog. “Soviet Journal” will be a collection of random pieces by me; analysis, counter blogging, news and such, are what I’ll be doing here. The chief reason I’ve made this is to host a larger project that I’m running. The project is documentary/analysis of the great age of revolutions; 1917-1923. It will be about philosophy, battle, economics in a grand age of Communism. At the center of the project is the Russian civil war, but my writing will touch upon many things; the global revolution, great ideas and theories of the day, the first implementation of Communist thinking. Many, many things I plan to do. Such is the reason for mine picking such a theme, because it can easily cover a greater many things. I’m also part Russian by nationality and the matter is of great interest to me, I would very much enjoy writing about the history of my country, since I’m something of a patriot. I’m also an armchair-general, rifles and uniforms draw a satisfying smile from the sincerest bottom of my heart. Most of all; the theme is of massive relevance to the battle between Communism and Capitalism, so, it’s important! You have my word!
I can be wrong a million times off of what I say or I could be right; either way, tag along! You’ll learn something!

More on my project here:

  1. Enjoyed the comprehensive analysis. The title of our DVD – Accidental Army – supports our point of view that all of these events were a combination of fortunate circumstance and the vision of Masaryk – who had as his objective an independent Czech (and Slovak) state – an objective the Legion shared. While I may take the other side of the communist/capitalist debate, I think you did a good job of acknowledging some of the contradictory forces involved. Good luck to you and glad we could help with photographic material. We had to depend on printed reproductions of the photos as the communists smashed the original glass negatives in an effort to eliminate this bit of history.

    • It’s very unfortunate that they did so, history must be preserved no matter whom it serves, it must merely be depicted accurately.
      Thank you for your kind words, it’s good that you see I mean no disrespect, and that we can talk in a civilized manner. Masaryk was a skilled politician, and I respect him in a certain way. Of course, he would technically have been my enemy, but I doubt his vision for Czechoslovakia would turn out if he’d betrayed the west and sided with the Soviets. It’s unfortunate how history played out: Czechoslovakia is no longer Czechoslovakia, and I suppose that’s not the only thing I have to be sorry about, had that single year been different, had the people of those times been willing to push it just a little further, just a little more, we might live in an entirely different world today.
      Anyway, you wouldn’t happen to have been a member of the “Accidental Army” team, that made the film? I might have said some harsh things, but it was a very decent doc, considering this is such a forgotten debate.

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