Gay Rights

In News Analysis on May 29, 2011 at 1:43 am

Guess who? Your friendly neighborhood homophobes!

A pretty embarrassing thing for my country happened today. On May 13, the appeal to the new Moscow mayoral administration by Moscow pride, to allow the annual parade its existence, was denied. On the charge that it would cause social unrest, for the sixth year in a row, the pride organization was denied it’s right of assembly. Despite the homophobic mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, being kicked out of office last year, the new administration once against denied Moscow pride parade, which was to occur on this date. As always, the protesters followed through with their plans, and public unrest it DID. A group of homophobes assaulted the pride parade, resulting in a crackdown by police on both the ‘illegitimate’ protest and the attackers.
The rest of the ‘superpowers’ aren’t doing that better. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Russia, China and most of the USA (with the exception of four states and the district of Columbia.) While homosexuals in China and Russia have labor rights, in 26 American states, businesses and companies can fire individuals for their homosexuality. 19 states offer no protection from hate crimes to homosexuals, meaning that a hate crime against a homosexual isn’t recognized as a hate crime.
Looking at today’s fundamental legality of homosexuality, the situation is appalling. Only ten for the world’s 193, recognize same-sex marriage completely. 18 more states recognize it informally. Some states offer life in prison or death for the homosexual ‘crime.’
This is truly embarrassing moment not just for Russia, China or America but for the whole of humanity. These are living, breathing people that are being denied their fundamental human rights, sometimes being deprived of their right to live for living the way they were created. I laugh at conservatives who are such fans of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ while their views at current are defying the very elementary conventions of equality and freedom.
Would you like to know these fundamentals? No matter how different, alien, strange, seemingly unnatural something is, another man, who is not harmed by it, HAS NO RIGHT to interfere with it. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to understand it. I find it unnatural, I don’t want to see it, but I will not dare infringe on the civil liberties of my fellow proletarians. I will not deny them the legality of love. I will not deny them the adoption of a child that would otherwise starve and be abused. I will not deny them the ability to fight for a cause as they see fit.
Then there are those who think of gay liberalization as a threat to their ‘culture.’ If your culture and it’s “tradition” is so primitive that it literally fights freedom in the form of civil liberties, perhaps it’s time to progress, maybe? Leave the dark ages behind us, sometime this century?

There’s no simpler way to explain this: Homosexuals are human, so “we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal” still applies to them, and so does the term “human rights.”
It disgusts me, how in both my country and my current residence, people who are such believers in these words look down upon homosexuals and would see them deprived.
You, my friends, are fucking hypocrites.

Source: “The Power Vertical” article”

This same article can be found in the CPDA archive.

  1. This is a great post; very moving and emotional. I agree that discrimination against anyone for something that does not affect you – provided it isn’t illegal – is wrong. Canada allows same-sex marriage, and the world did not end; in fact, there was no discernible difference the day it became law and homosexuals did not run rampant in the streets, drunk with victory.

    I’m still not entirely convinced that gays are not being used by special-interest groups in Russia to force the government into untenable positions. However, the best way to handle that (in my opinion, if I were mayor of Moscow) would be to say,” OK, now I have to hire 300 more police, in order to provide proper security to ensure nobody is harmed. Hey, if that’s what you want, it’s your tax money”.

    Again, great job.

    • Thank you very much.
      I believe- and I hope- that this decade will be one of fruitfulness for the gay rights movement. The reason for this is that I can see the ‘liberalization’ segment of the tandem coming into reality quite soon. I got a little excited with the recent political turmoil- Mironov becoming massively popular, all-of-a-sudden. The revamping of “Right cause” by that millionaire guy. The beginning of that great-big-universal political movement. I thought, what great way to start it off by letting the gays have their parade, and I saw those pieces of news as the first signs. But no- some homophobic assholes had to intervene.
      Protecting them wouldn’t have been that hard, and doing so would show Russia as a democratic, tolerant place, where after six years of consecutive bullshit, people are finally given their freedom of assembly. Protecting them wouldn’t have been that hard, and besides, it’s a responsibility of the mayor and his police to protect the residents of his city, is it not?
      I understand that there are truly few countries that would be tolerant enough to allow this, I wrote about that, but if we’d allowed that, it would be so beautiful. That while most of the world is still entrenched in its primitivism, Russia has moved forward and lead the way.
      It just turned out another disappointment.

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