Victory Day 2011

In News Analysis on May 10, 2011 at 2:17 am

The day of triumph in the most important war of human history.

May 9th is a historic date. This date symbolizes a world facing its most desperate hour. This date symbolizes the solidarity of all peoples in their survival and their yearning for freedom. This date symbolizes the immeasurable struggle and achievement of the inspired man. It is indeed, a beautiful day.

On this day, we are to remember that in the past, generations have been called upon to fight, to bleed, to work tirelessly, so that we today might have everything we do. It is to be remembered how many people lost their lives in the great struggle of undoing mankind’s sins and still looking onward toward progress, toward a better world. It is to be remembered how one generation lifted the world out of its lowest pit and out to it’s greatest era of prosperity.

May 9th is the day the people’s war ended, the day that the last gunfire settled down over Europe. Millions had died to meet such an end, millions senselessly butchered. May 9th is the day for which they died, the symbol that it was not in vain. The red flag now flew over the Reichstag, and the worst humanity had to offer was finally vanquished.


Victory day celebrates not only the triumph in Europe or just that in any one war. World war two is an embodiment of the human experience and the human struggle. Victory in Europe may not have meant very much to the soldiers fighting in the Pacific and it may seem insignificant compared to every other victory compiled but one must admit: this was the greatest one. There is a reason May the 9th isn’t crowned ‘VE-day’ or ‘V-WWII’ day. It is just ‘Victory’ for all peoples and all struggles, marked by this greatest one.

The war itself shows how easily a human mind can be manipulated and brought to the forging of their own chains. We saw this in the enslavement and ultimate downfall of the German people. They were promised mastery of the world and shown unbelievable success, they were told what they wanted to hear and they were bought by the so called ‘national socialists’ who weren’t ever socialists. The Germans built the greatest machine of murder the world had seen, out of a free, democratic republic. Rightism.  Conservativism. Militarism. Imperialism. Authoritarianism. Terrorism. Fascism. Capitalism. Exploitation. Hate. These were the tools by which the Nazis consolidated their iron grip on Germany and the ideas by which they ruled their Third Reich. The axis themselves and later the movements who advocate both their means and their ideas for an end, would protect these ideas, pointing to their temporary and elusive successes. Victory day marks the day the Nazis and all they had stood for were defeated, exposed for their true substance, not their much professed lies. Victory day shows how mankind, armed with these ideologies, was robbed and exploited, raped, confused and eventually; defeated too, with nothing to show for all their suffering. These ideas, clearly and in total, lost any indignant shred of scrap that they may have gained. It was their direct and obvious enemies that won, despite the initial advantage having being decisively thrown in the opposite direction.

The war shows how without unity, when push comes to shove, the world faces oblivion. The French army, hailed in 1939 as the strongest in the world, was blitzed and defeated in five weeks. Almost the whole of Europe fell under the Nazi yoke, for it did not fight as one people. When the Germans first waved their tyrannic flag, there was no one there to crush them. When they broke international law and began to militarize, there was no one there to stop them. The world was not unified, the world was in a time of stagnation, fear and uncertainty. Germany was prospering, firm and patriotic. When they marched through Austria, the world’s leaders failed to comment. When they promised peace for Czech slaves, the world bought it. When all of mighty Czechoslovakia fell under the swastika, there was betrayal and deceit. As Poland was crushed before Nazi tanks, a British column asked “Would you die for Danzig?” That was how almost the whole of Europe and swathes of Africa and Asia were swallowed by imperialist jaws.

The war then shows us the limits and strains of the perfect Nazi empire. How, a nation of slaves, no matter how efficient, no matter how skilled, no matter how brilliant and absolute its leaders rule remains; will always be inferior, to the spear of free proletarians that will line up to kill it. The war shows how armies of death were defeated by armies of revolution. The war shows that no matter the absolute control of the upper class and how perfect the upper class, in a war of peoples against peoples, nations in their entirety facing likewise: it must be the people that win, and only the honest working man that understands the struggle he is facing and what it is for, can truly win in such a war. There must be a time when the ruling class is no longer a factor, where an individual faces certain destruction, and he picks up his rifle in its wake. No amount of tanks, rifles, sophistication, training can ever, in a war of nations, defeat the purest of ideological certainty. Victory day shows that the Germans were poor sheep within a slaughter house, their thoughts and actions were monitored. Opposition war crushed. Healthy opposition was kept. Everything was tightly managed and controlled, in the process 15 million axis civilians had to be systematically eradicated, mostly by the axis bastion of Germany. The Germans did not believe in Nazism, they thought other things, they were deceived. Yet they were forced into committing the most terrible crimes of human history. Victory day exposes this for its true substance, not the hollow lies committed in its name. It shows how all the ideologies of the German elite were how they achieved their stunning efficiency and their ultimate downfall. The Germans who did the fighting, did not understand what it truly was that they were fighting for.

The war finally showed that when the ordinary man has made the choice for himself, on his own observations, without the interference or control of state, he can achieve tenfold what he could with absolute control of the state and fanaticism in his heart. The great war was one of personal will and perseverance. Every man had a choice at what side he chose. In Germany, he did too, his life expectancy might have been low, but he did. No matter where a man lived, he had the opportunity to help one side or the other, it was a time where one man could truly change the world. Many peoples in allied countries chose to fight for the Nazis. Vichy French, Banderovtsi, the lot. Victory day shows, however, that when presented with such an opportunity, to stay in the munitions plant under bombing, to join the partisans, to burn the wheat-fields, dynamite the telephone posts; those that were motivated by freedom won by their sheer will. If there wasn’t will, the British civilians would not have lifted their army off Dunkirk. Entire Russian factories wouldn’t have been disassembled and driven behind the Urals. Billions of poods of grain wouldn’t have been carried back to feed the soldiers, and millions that couldn’t be carried burned. If there wasn’t will, a soldier would not let down the entry door to his landing vehicle as machine gun fire racketed its exterior, like they did at Normandy. He would not stand up and be the single AA firing on hundreds of enemy planes like at Pearl Harbor. He would not board a wooden raft to land on a shore of enemy guns or sprint across no-man’s-land while he knew it was mined, like millions of soldiers did on the Eastern Front. Every drop of blood, every bullet of the war, came down to the sheer determination of the civilian and soldier, thus; the nation. Freedom defeated slavery. No matter what one can say about the allied governments, it was freedom that was presented to the peoples of the world. The cowards fled to the slavery and probable success of the Fascist cause. Did they win? No, they were vanquished and victory day PROVES THIS. It is, after all, what the holiday stands for.

This holiday belongs to us all! Let us all rejoice!

So remember, always remember. And on this day celebrate, the internet is a wonderful thing. The Soviet Army choir has made some performances that are truly breathtaking and inspiring. The latest parade through red square shows off some fine uniforms and fighting gear, look it up. Film and photograph from the era as well as live interviews are all over the web. I couldn’t possibly list all the sources- but here are a few just to start:

Long live the veterans and the liberators. May the memory of victory and all its lessons stay with us many centuries into the future.

Onward, comrades!


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